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 Post subject: Resto Healing Post 3.1
PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 2:42 pm  
Joined: Mon Oct 09, 2006 8:32 pm
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Due to the changes made to Lifebloom... it is no longer wise to roll a three stack of Lifeblooms on several tanks at one time. However, it may be alright to keep a stack going on one tank mana permitting. Anyways, I've changed my healing strat some because of these changes. Figured we could use a thread like this to share healing strats, specs, glyphs, etc. and gather info from each other to maximize druid healing.

I've messed around with a few different healing styles and this is what I've come up with...

My basic strategy now is to ALWAYS have a rejuv and regrowth going on any tank taking damage at all times. In the meantime, I'll try to use wildgrowth at every cooldown as long as it'll hit 3 targets needing heals. When there is a significant amount of raid damage, i'll spam rejuv across the entire raid while still using wildgrowth and keeping regrowth and rejuv up on any tanks. When rejuv isn't enough to sustain the amount of raid damage being done, i'll begin spamming nourish on targets that have a wildgrowth or rejuv ticking on them. I have started to prefer nourish over regrowth as a raid heal because of the increased healing it does on hotted targets. I feel like regrowth is best used as a long continuous HoT to keep on the tanks. Whenever a tank begins to take more dmg or he is just low on health for whatever reason, I'll throw a quick LB on him (total of three hots) and begin spamming nourish.

It is probably only better to use nourish over regrowth as one of your main heals if you have the glyph and the t7 4p bonus. Otherwise, regrowth might be a better option.

Mana permitting, I may start keeping a three stack of Lifeblooms on the tank taking the most dmg. Otherwise, I'll slow roll Lifeblooms if I have time inbetween raid healing. This means you cast a LB, wait till it is about to expire, refresh it with a second one, wait till it is about to expire, refresh with a third one, then let if fall off, rinse and repeat. If you can manage this in between raid heals and also keep a regrowth and rejuv up on the tank, you'll have three HoTs waiting on your tank anytime you may need to start spamming nourish on them.

On a fight where there may be a cooldown to a raid wide dmg ability, I begin casting rejuvs on as many people as possible around 10 seconds before the ability is used. For example Hodir's Frozen Blows.

As far as gear goes, the two stats I focus on are spell power and spirit. Spirit is big because of the increase in healing it gives us with talents and such in addition to the mana regen. If I regularly go oom during fights I'll stack more spirit, otherwise I'll stack spell power. Haste is somewhat important for druids but we don't need much. We only need 359 haste in order to reduce the GCD of our spells to the minimum 1 second. This can very easily be accomplished from gear alone and should not require you to gem for it. Reducing our GCD to the minimum is important because it allows us to spam HoTs faster and more easily keep them rolling on several tanks. Crit isn't that great for druids imo because HoTs cant crit and regrowth and nourish already crit half the time with appropriate talents.

One more thing, Grid combined with mouse over macros works wonders. These are the Grid mods I have setup. I haven't tried Grid 2 yet.

Grid Addons
Allows "corner indicators" on the top, left, bottom, right sides of a unit
Shows raid icons on units
Shows mana bar on units in grid... so you know who needs an innervate like a good druid.
Allows showing: Lifebloom Stack, Lifebloom Timer, Regrowth Timer, Rejuv Timer, WildGrowth Timer. Configurable for colors and thresholds for time left on each hot or number of lb's on the target.

Mouseover Macro
#showtooltip <spellname>
/cast [target=mouseover,help][target=target,help][target=player]<spellname>

Since 3.1 there has been a weird problem when using a mouse over macro with Wildgrowth while you're targeting something. To fix it just put /cleartarget at the beginning of your Wildgrowth macro to avoid problems.

Currently I am using the Swiftmend, Nourish, and Wildgrowth glyphs.

My current spec: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-tale ... se&group=1

If anyone has anything to share please do!
 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:07 am  
Joined: Mon Oct 09, 2006 8:32 pm
Posts: 132

Some changes I've made from the strat in the original post...

I no longer use nourish as a raid heal. In cases where WG and Rejuv aren't enough to sustain raid damage, I will use Regrowth on those who are lowest on health. In some cases where I come across a raid member with a few HoTs on them I will use Nourish, but only if there are no other raid members low on health who are lacking HoTs. I primarily use Nourish as a tank heal, but only if the tank has at least three of my own HoTs on them.

A good example of how I use Nourish is during Mimiron's Plasma Blast ability. With Regrowth and Rejuv already on the tank, I will begin stacking LBs shortly before the Plasma Blast cooldown is up. Another thing is making sure Regrowth and Rejuv have enough time left on them to stay up during the entire time the ability is channeled. When the ability begins to channel I will spam Nourish until Plasma Blast has quit. Once it is over I will allow LB to fall off and wait until shortly before the next cooldown to begin stacking it again. With Regrowth, Rejuv, a three stack of LBs, Nourish spam (improved with 3x hots), and Living Seed procs from Nourish crits... the chances of Jarr dieing during the ability are slim.


I've stopped using Lifebloom regularly as a PVE heal. The only times I use it are very situational... such as the Mimiron example above. Aside from that, tank healing for me is now just Regrowth and Rejuv topped with an occasional Nourish here and there. No more slow rolling Lifeblooms or rolling 3 stacks on a tank, even if my mana allows me to do so.
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