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 Post subject: Snipz - Warrior Application
PostPosted: Thu Jan 20, 2011 8:10 pm  
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Application Template

Name: Snipz
Class: Warrior
Attuned for: Everything.
Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy.

I have read the guild requirements and meet or exceed the expectations (yes/no): Yes.

Using http://www.wowarmory.com, provide an armory link for your main character and all alts lv 70 and higher: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/bronzebeard/snipz/simple

Provide a list of any alts lv 70 and higher: if transferring to this server, are you transferring them as well?: N/A.

What are you looking for out of your World of Warcraft experience? Your goals?: Better myself in understanding how to play a warrior better. Obtaining the most experience possible in all content, professions, pvp, and questing possible. Mostly a way to have fun when I'm not doing my daily dues at work or somewhere else. Meet new people, have friends I can enjoy playing the game with.

What are your expectations of a guild? Your guild mates?: Be understanding of everyone, to not neglect an idea and support each other. All have fun, joke around and not take a video game to serious. Understand ones class/classes, be prepared for what ever the guild master/board asks of us, that being gear/enchants/pots/food/etc. Just have fun.

There is currently a need for my class CLICK HERE(yes/no): Not posted on the website, yet posted on http://www.wowprogress.com , Yes.

Internet connection (DSL/Cable/T1/other): Cable.

Do you constantly disconnect in large crowds (yes/no): No.

If required, are you willing to respec talents (yes/no): Yes, if needed.

Past Raiding Experience: Vanilla: Everything up to including Kel in the original Naxx.
BC: Everything up to and including Illidan.
WOLK: Everything up to and including LK, went on a break during the Halion patch.
Cata: Nothing as of yet, urging to experience.

Prior Guilds: Death Minions on Azshara.

Do you have Teamspeak(yes or no): Yes.

Do you have a mic(yes or no): Yes.

If possible, provide links to web stats that illustrate your abilities (WorldofLogs or WoWWebStats): N/A.
Where do you usually rank on the meters?: In previous raids always top 5. Now for Cata Heroics always top dps in LFG's, pulling 10k+.

Do you use a threat meter?(yes or no): Yes, omen.

Do you stand in cave ins and die?(yes or no): Never that.

Are you over the Age of 18?(yes or no) Yes, 21.

Play Times:
Do our Tuesday & Sunday (Sometimes Thursday) (6:30pm-10:30pm server time) raid times fit your schedule(yes or no): Yes. I work early in the mornings so that time is very acceptable for me.

What does your play schedule usually look like: Free anytime after 5pm est.

People you know well in the guild: N/A.

Why do you want to join our guild?: Seems to be a productive self stained guild progressing in Cata raids, you're semi-causal so you're not to serious about a video game yet do take things serious when need be, so that sounds like a relaxing environment I'd be willing to enter.

Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you stand out among others in your class or what is your biggest blunder: I'm 21, I graduated college last year, have two jobs, just recently bought my second truck, I enjoy going out and doing outdoor sports such as wakeboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, dirt biking, basketball, etc. I've got a girl I'm somewhat talking to, I sometimes go over to her house and she even has a computer set up for WoW for me (so i'm game anywhere, lol). I work early in the morning so I have all weekends and weekday afternoons off to do whatever I want, I have a bit of sarcasm when I talk, but very friendly and willing to get along with anyone. I transfered here from Azshara to play with real life friends. I'm willing to change whatever is needed to better the group rather than just one-self, yet always trying to better myself in understanding my role and character. I try to better my character as much as possible, even if it's upgrading a few stats just to hit a particular cap in something, spend money on a better enchant rather than a cheaper one, and always be prepared for what ever comes my way. My biggest blunder would have to be not reaching my goal when I would like too, but I'm prepared for that and will counter-act that.

Tell us about the class you play. What is your primary role? How do you min/max your character? What are your preferred stats? etc. (Essentially demonstrate that you have a full understanding of your characters strengths and weaknesses and you know how to get the most out of it): I play a warrior, the most nerfed class in the game.. Kidding. I play fury, I use to play prot back in vanilla - WOTLK, but decided to change to DPS during ICC for something new, I loved it and decided to make it my main role. I also have Arms PvP as an offspec but willing to change to whatever the guild so what desires to better the guild. I min/max my character by preparing myself for whatever is needed, reading up on the new patch changes, reading boss strategies, reading warrior building guides for enchants/gems/prof points/caps/etc. I prefer to max myself out in the stats that are needed the most, I'm expertise capped, I'm hit capped (not the 27% hard hit cap), I gem myself in the best way possible and also reforge myself to get the most out of my gear and character.

Please provide a screenshot of your UI.: Image

Thank you,

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