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 Post subject: Are Shadow and Holy Interchangeable?
PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:35 am  
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With the changes to spellpower/healing, the general belief has been that priests, merely by respeccing, can go from Shadow to Holy and back be effective.

That belief is only partially true.

Holy priests need spellpower (for the size of their heals), spirit and MP5 (for mana regen), crit (for big heals) Haste (for speed of heals), and Intellect (for size of mana pool). Shadow priests need spell hit (first priority), spellpower, crit, haste, spirit and Intellect (in that order).

A Holy-geared priest will have serious problems with their hit rating when speccing Shadow (unless they have a separate set of good dps gear); a Shadow-geared priest will have serious mana problems (unless they have a separate set of mana regen gear).

Its an itemization problem. DPS gear spends points very differently from healing gear.

What does this mean? A well-geared priest can respec and do fairly well, but on boss fights the Holy-now-Shadow will have serious issues with hitting the boss, and the Shadow-now-Holy will run out of mana very early. [note -- these problems are minor in most 5-mans, other than the very difficult Heroics]

Lesson -- think about collecting a few pieces of gear that would help you in the other spec if you think there is any possibiloity that you might need to go that way.
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