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Gearing for 3.1 Priest Changes
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Author:  Samir [ Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:33 am ]
Post subject:  Gearing for 3.1 Priest Changes

Starsky and I were discussing this and I thought it would be easier to start a thread here.

In general my plan is Int/SP > Spirit/Crit > Haste. I am very worried about mana regen in 3.1 but not sure what tools we have to deal with it other than stacking INT for Repleneshment.

Gersidi's posts sum up my thoughts on the topic very well:

http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/threa ... 7723&sid=1

I wouldn't stack haste. Holy priests are not meant to be MT healers, even with faster gheals. If you want to be a MT healer, go disc, or roll a pally.

Start gearing for the upcoming 3.1 changes. This would be a good start and I'll explain why-

1k/1k int/spirit, 2100+ spellpower (without inner fire), 20+ % holy crit

High int values means greater returns from replenishment. High spirit for regen, especially now that holy concentration will increase mana regen by a % of your spirit pool, plus spirit gives spellpower with talents. MP5 is crap, don't gear for it. It doesn't scale with raid buffs, spirit does. High crit is vital. Crits proc HC and also give free fheals via SOL talent. You will get lots of crit chance SOL and HC procs post 3.1, because your still spamming your main raid heals (coh, pom, poh, fheal), plus even the new version of renew can now crit. Crit is an integral regen mechanic for holy priests, and your success as a raid healer will depend on being able to keep healing the raid without going oom.
Haste? Just get the 3/3 serendipity, and save the procs for faster poh casts. Your other spells will be instant casts anyways (including those free fheal sol procs).

Glyphs will be fheal, coh, and poh. Get the shadowfiend minor one too.

Talent wise (3.1), get improved inner fire, meditation, HC, SOL, coh, serendipity, guardian spirit, the one that reduces mana for pom and poh, the spirit/spellpower bonus ones, etc. I may even put 2 pts into empowered renew.

Spell priorities? Keep pom jumping, use coh on cd (during raid damage, not to top 1 or 2 people off), use those free fheals to top off raid members, help out by throwing the occasional crittable renew on a tank(s), and use poh during heavy raid damage when coh cd isn't up. Pretty simple.

In a situation where all your tank healers are dead, you're pretty pooched anyways. If it's a 10 man, and you are healing tanks, the spike damage isn't anything to worry about anyways. Non hasted fheals, gheals, and renew are enough.

BTW, the stats I listed are unbuffed. I forgot to mention as well that more spirit=more mana from innervates. I've never needed one in wrath so far, but with 3.1 and the nerf to base regen and the more frequent use of poh, who knows?

Another thing to consider post 3.1, would be to dual spec disc, incase your guild does need a Mt healer and they can afford to lose/replace a raid healer. Good news is you can pretty much use the same gear, but maybe sub out some of those spirit pieces for haste pieces.

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