Blizzard Announces Patch Date

November 13.

This could slip of course, but because they are tying Arena season 3 to the 2.3 patch they wanted to give people plenty of notification. I predicted they wouldn’t patch until December, but I’m not afraid to admit I was wrong. I think there is a good chance we will just cancel raiding that night since any patch tends to bomb mods and this one changes a lot of class mechanics to boot.

I’ll also make the first of many pleas to not let invite drama for Zul’Aman destroy the guild. Karazhan was rough on us at first. ZA will probably take a pretty strong group until we learn the fights but especially with a faster reset (only 3 days), we should be able to get more people into there pretty quickly.

There is a mini-FAQ here on the new season.

P. S. Good job almost getting Solarian last night. I look forward to Sunday!

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