Solarian Very Close to Death

We had some great attempts on High Astromancer Solarian (and a really quick trash clear too). We made some good advances, including moving the raid to the center of the room, keeping most people alive through arcane spam and the Wrath bomb, and tanks picking up what they were supposed to. The last two attempts in particular felt pretty smooth. Until Wrath wiped the raid of course.

I’m not going to give anyone a hard time about this, because I have bombed the raid myself as have most of the officers. However, this is probably the only thing keeping us from victory. No matter what you are doing or who you are, running away, even if you end up dying, is more important than anything else. If nobody blows us up, we win.

We are going to try to go kill her Tuesday. This may not work with the holliday schedule in the US (Thursday is Thanksgiving, which tends to turn into a whole lost week for many folks). If we can’t do a 25 we can go harvest Kara and ZA for badges. 

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