Ulduar Housewarming

Fully Rested rolled out the welcoming mat to Ulduar, since we do so enjoy spending time with the new neighbors – what a messy house!  I can’t quite recall whether or not it looked that bad before we’d finished the siege area or after … regardless, Leviathan greeted us at the door, while Ignis served potluck.  The family pet, Razorscale provided some lighthearted entertainment, but then the Deconstructor had a little tantrum and had to be put down for a nap.

On subsequent visits we were introduced to uncle Hodir and auntie Auriaya (and her cats).  We’re not quite sure what prompted uncle Hodir to be so frigid toward us — all we did was mention to dear auntie that several of us were allergic to cats, and suggest she keep them out of sight.  We ended up taking care of the cat problem ourselves — maybe that’s what got uncle Hodir all upset.

Anyway, we’ve been told cousin Freya and Thorim are anxious to meet us and show us their little Mimsypoo.  We expect that’ll happen sunday – we do so like the sunday visits.

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