The Future?

I made a somewhat sobering post in the forums. You have probably noticed our ranks feel thinner and there aren’t a lot of folks logged on most nights. Some old timers have dropped out or moved on. I know some people are just waiting for the patch, and I really hope it fixes some things that are wrong with the game.

For many of us, the heyday of Fully Rested was when we cleared Molten Core at lightning speed and moved on to Blackwing Lair. The logistics of organizing a 40 man were tough at times, but it looks now like Blizzard’s cure for those problems was worse than the disease. GG Karazhan. 

But we’re also looking for some feedback. Are you still having fun? Do you want to keep raiding? We could certainly choose to just keep things casual, run 5 mans and level alts. That gives us the option of seeing what is going to happen to WoW in the future. Or we could do something more drastic.

Personally I’m not ready to quit the game. But that doesn’t mean things will be the same either.

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