Raid Schedule

First, Jest turned forum logons back on so if you haven’t been able to post, you should be able to now.

Second, Karazhan does feel easier with our new buffs, which is nice. (We one shotted Curator last night, and the first 3 bosses on Tue.) We are having a bit of a problem getting enough people on Thursdays. I’m not sure there is a better second day given that most people don’t want back to back raiding nights, but think about it.

Third, check out Nemo’s post about possibly starting a second Karazhan raid. This doesn’t have to be an A and B team on the same night. Enough of us have alts now that we could make a whole second group on another night with the goal of getting more people into Karazhan for some of the easier earlier bosses. To progress to Serpentshrine Cavern, we eventually have to have everyone run all the way through Kara.

Fourth, we want to try Gruul again real soon. It would be nice to take our buffed gear and see if we can get some T4 shoulders and legs. Gruul requires no attunement, is 25 man and is available to L68s.

Fifth, we need to recruit a few more slots. In particular, it feels like we sometimes cancel raids due to lack of mages, priests or tanks, but really any classes would be useful. I hear recruiting is tough now with so many guilds splitting into smaller ones, but if you have a friend who might transfer servers or you meet someone who seems decent and is looking for a guild, direct him or her to one of the officers.


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