Is Gruul on Farm Now?

Nice! After a couple of false starts with the High King, we one-shotted Gruul for the first time. It wasn’t even close from my POV. I had a lot of cooldowns left. We made it through at least 2 shatters with no deaths.

Personally, I was pretty happy with our¬†Hydross attempts too. We learned a lot about how to set up the pull and make the transitions, and we were getting better over time. It looks like it’s going to be a long fight and pretty mana-intensive. But it totally seems like something we can do.

We’ll continue to kill Gruul and Void Reaver (and run Karazhan for people who need it on non-raid nights)¬†but we probably are going to have to wipe on the SSC bosses a few times before we can really down them. At least we get DKP for boss attempts. :)

Since the PTS has been updated with an all new patch, it sure looks like we are going to get the patch with voice tomorrow, but I’ve said that before. Be prepared for all your mods to break among other things.

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