Raid Focus

It’s not fun planning to do Magtheridon only to have not enough warlocks show, so we’re going to shift focus to Hydross, who is a little more forgiving of raid composition. Our attempt last night went really well for being totally unplanned and we think we can get him down. So our raid schedule for the next several weeks will be Tue – Void Reaver and Gruul, Sun – Hydross and Lurker, with Karazhan groups going Wed and Thr depending on who shows up.

We know we had some idle time last night while the officers discussed which boss to try. We’ll try and eliminate that next week since we’ll be prepared and informed for specific fights. We’ll post some Hydross strategies in our forums though I think most people understand the basic idea now.

We’ll try Mag again once we have a couple more locks who we know can be there most weeks.

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