Mods mods mods

I will be updating mods throughout the day.

I’ll start from this post in beta and see what works.



Here are links to:






Addons includes my big set of addons.  I’m uploading these as one zip in case ppl want one place to get several of their favorites.  Addons includes:






Sidebar: Halo Wars Trailer

Some guildies have been working on this for quite a while, and it’s looking very nice.  Someday they will be able to talk about Halo Wars more in depth, but for now, here is all that is available.  Gratz to Findall, RedHotandBlu, Ryyuu, Celestipoo, Hateweaver, Frak, Peregryn, Holybeards, Subom, and Dingly on the announcement.

Here is a youtube compressed version:




Here is the link to website where you can find the uncompressed verison: