Up to Archimonde

I know it’s sad that I’ve made so few posts lately. The truth is that Fully Rested continues to conquer new bosses regularly. We’re on the final boss of Mount Hyjal now. Yours truly has had to contend with some long work days and an unfavorable time change, which means I am often present for only a few pulls on a raid if at all. But rest assured that our guild is still out there working on T6 content, and while we probably won’t be farming Sunwell before Wrath of the Lich King ships, we just might get down Archimonde or Illidan.

Two More Bosses Down in Black Temple

Fully Rested got Supremus last week and Shade of Akama this week, on our very first attempt. I was fortunate to actually be in both kills given that my time change has seriously curtailed my raiding. The bad news is that conventional wisdom says the BT bosses get a lot harder after Akama. No matter. Now that we are close to having Naj’entus, Supremus, Rage Winterchill and Akama on farm, that’s a lot more T6 items every week to help gear up the guild.

The officers have been discussing what to do besides raiding the T6 content. Typically we do a few Karazhan badge runs and rarely a ZA attempt to finish off the week. However we have enough people online most nights, that it’s possible we could do some SSC kills on off nights. Also consider that doing Magtheridon and Gruul nets 200 badges for the guild in half the time it takes to do Karazhan (and leaves you free to still run Kara). If you have thoughts on how to squeeze in some more raids, and most importantly, how to organize them and handle loot, please post your opinions in the forums.

Fully Rested, now with more T6

Congrats on not one but *two* new T6 bosses in two separate instances!

Fully Rested managed to two-shot High Warlord Naj’entus then get across the world and back through time to also two-shot Rage Winterkill. It was the first time for both bosses. It is awesome to see our raid groups functioning together so well. Once we start acquiring some of that Sunwell heroic badge loot, we’re only going to be in better shape.

Two New Bosses in One Week

On Tuesday we got Lurker down. On Sunday we got Morogrim Tidewalker for the first time. It felt like a really clean learning period. We got better with every attempt, analyzed our mistakes, improved on them and finally won the fight. Some decent loot this time too. It was a particularly nice victory because some different people got to shine. Jarrington was MT and handled Tidewalker the whole time, while Callee probably had the toughest job in the raid, gathering up the murlocs. DPS was also really high on many of our attempts.

We’ll see if we can get Lurker and Tidewalker both down this Tuesday, and then try a new boss (or two!) on Sunday.

Still need resto druids and shammies.

Lurker now waaay below

Congrats guys. On our second night in SSC (after focusing on TK for months) we got The Lurker Below. Took a little learning about where to tank and when to sheep, and of course avoiding Spout and Whirl, but we nailed him on about the third attempt of the night.

 Gratz to Ripderius on [item]Bracers of Eradication[/item]. And a couple of shards. :)

Raiding Soon

Happy New Year.

The officers are evaluating our raiding plan. If I had to guess, we’ll try and resume the 25 person runs next Tuesday (Jan 8 ). We’re trying to get a feeling for who our active raiders are  — we’ve had some people decide to take a break but also some new blood and old veterans returning. We also want to think about instances again. A couple of our guys have pugged SSC a few times now and their experience might boost progress in that instance.

So no definite plans yet but I did want to post something. I expect we’ll see a lot more folks on regularly now that the holidays are over.