Twenty-five Person Raids Suspended Until January

Rather than asking people to keep showing up and then being sad, we thought we’d just cancel our large raids until after Jan 1. There are just a lot of people travelling right now and on the ES side of the house, we’ve had a lot going on at work.

We’ll still do Karazhan and Zul’Aman so keep showing up. Last night was our first time to get not one but two of the bosses done under the time limit, and the raid wasn’t full of officers either. :) We still haven’t beaten Hexlord, but hey, maybe tonight….

Yup, She’s Dead

Congrats on a nice High Astromancer Solarian kill. Only took us two more tries. We even acted like we knew what we were doing, so we should be able to get her down more often. Because we were so fast, we also managed to two-shot Void Reaver. We felt like a real tier 5 guild tonight and dps particularly was high. Some great loot for people too. Jeffs benefited from being the only rogue and got shoulders and the VR trinket. Maiwyn got a cool-looking staff and Ray some new pants. Dawnlock took the other T5 shoulder and Reroy kept some dps plate legs.

Happy Massive Calorie Influx Day.

Solarian Very Close to Death

We had some great attempts on High Astromancer Solarian (and a really quick trash clear too). We made some good advances, including moving the raid to the center of the room, keeping most people alive through arcane spam and the Wrath bomb, and tanks picking up what they were supposed to. The last two attempts in particular felt pretty smooth. Until Wrath wiped the raid of course.

I’m not going to give anyone a hard time about this, because I have bombed the raid myself as have most of the officers. However, this is probably the only thing keeping us from victory. No matter what you are doing or who you are, running away, even if you end up dying, is more important than anything else. If nobody blows us up, we win.

We are going to try to go kill her Tuesday. This may not work with the holliday schedule in the US (Thursday is Thanksgiving, which tends to turn into a whole lost week for many folks). If we can’t do a 25 we can go harvest Kara and ZA for badges. 

Zul’Aman Thoughts

Fully Rested attempted three forays into the new instance last night. The instance servers went down for at least 30 minutes, which didn’t help in our progress any. However, my group was able to get one boss down. I’ll make a post in the raid forums on some specific thoughts. Overall, trash didn’t seem as bad as Karazhan, and the fights didn’t seem insanely complex, though everything did hit pretty hard. There are some nice touches like the way they handled vendors.

You need two tanks with huge hp pools (15K or more I’d argue) and I think mages would be nice, though we didn’t have one. Overall this is definitely something Fully Rested can do with a little experience and the three-day reset and short predicted clear time should let us get more people into the instance than with Kara.

Blizzard Announces Patch Date

November 13.

This could slip of course, but because they are tying Arena season 3 to the 2.3 patch they wanted to give people plenty of notification. I predicted they wouldn’t patch until December, but I’m not afraid to admit I was wrong. I think there is a good chance we will just cancel raiding that night since any patch tends to bomb mods and this one changes a lot of class mechanics to boot.

I’ll also make the first of many pleas to not let invite drama for Zul’Aman destroy the guild. Karazhan was rough on us at first. ZA will probably take a pretty strong group until we learn the fights but especially with a faster reset (only 3 days), we should be able to get more people into there pretty quickly.

There is a mini-FAQ here on the new season.

P. S. Good job almost getting Solarian last night. I look forward to Sunday!

Hydross Down

As promised, we took down our first Serpentshrine boss tonight. From a tank’s perspective it’s a fun, if stressful fight. Unlike say Gruul which is just an annoying fight (and gave us a ton of trouble when we went to celebrate Hydross by getting more loot). While I wouldn;t use the word “farm” yet, since Hydross isn’t very random, I have hopes that we can down him every time and start on Lurker next week.

Hydross Almost Down

Last night was what raiding is all about for me. We made several shots and got better and better at every shot. By the end we looked like we had the guy on farm. It’s nice that Hydross appears to be a learned encounter, and not one with a ton of random elements. Once we got organized, we made consistently good attempts on her and were within 10% (or less) on a couple of attempts.

Honestly, I think if Jest and I hadn’t had ISP problems (from a notoriously stable fiber line) Hydross would be dead. We’ll get her Sunday, assuming most of the same crew shows up. I am particularly happy our tanks were able to learn and execute such a smooth transition.

Raid Focus

It’s not fun planning to do Magtheridon only to have not enough warlocks show, so we’re going to shift focus to Hydross, who is a little more forgiving of raid composition. Our attempt last night went really well for being totally unplanned and we think we can get him down. So our raid schedule for the next several weeks will be Tue – Void Reaver and Gruul, Sun – Hydross and Lurker, with Karazhan groups going Wed and Thr depending on who shows up.

We know we had some idle time last night while the officers discussed which boss to try. We’ll try and eliminate that next week since we’ll be prepared and informed for specific fights. We’ll post some Hydross strategies in our forums though I think most people understand the basic idea now.

We’ll try Mag again once we have a couple more locks who we know can be there most weeks.

Nice Job on Void Reaver

We haven’t changed headlines in a few days so it felt like it was time.

Based on some of our trash attempts, I didn’t have high hopes for Void Reaver. Imagine my surprise when we had possibly our cleanest kill ever. Healing was amazing (on tanks at least). I didn’t use any cooldowns or consumables on our succesful attempt. DPS was a tad low, but that would have been okay if a few more people had survived until the end.

If I had to point at things we can improve:

1) We buff slowly and generally take a long time to recover after an attack.

2) Our ranged dps still seems to lag behind our melee dps. Yes, that’s easy for a non-orb dodger to say. :)

3) Our communication during a fight isn’t great. We need to know when a mage or lock on cc duty dies so we know whether to pick up or tank the mob. I know not all of you like to talk on vent, and that’s fine. But try and give us a /raid warning at least. (If you’re not doing a critical role druing a particular fight, we’ll notice you’re dead pretty quickly anyway so try and keep bandwidth freed up.)

4) On trash of course, we had some bad pulls, some accidental pulls, and some pulling of two groups at once. Some of those attempts were completely my fault. But imagine how fast we could clear VR if we didn’t wipe on trash. :)